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Del Mar, California 92014

Mission Statement:
To discover, record, collect, preserve, perpetuate, and display for public benefit the historical facts, artifacts, properties, and other material concerning the history of the village of Del Mar.

I Remember When...

Everyone has great memories and these stories should be told, and we would like to capture as many of these stories as possible. Would you like to give a little bit of your time to make this happen? Your story can be as personal as you would like and about 300-600 words in length. We will be doing no editing. These are your words, your stories. We can receive your stories in two ways:
1. If you can type it in a Word document and send it to, that would be fine.
2. If you would like to mail the story to us, please send it to Del Mar Historical Society, 225 9th Street, Del Mar, California  92014.
If you would rather, we can put more photographs in and fewer words. Your choice. We are happy to find the photograph to go with your story but if you have one, all the better! All pictures will be returned to you.
We will not correct or verify facts because this is your story in your words. Hopefully you will not use this for a political soapbox but then again we would like to hear about some funny political stories. So enjoy our articles and recall some stories of your own to share.


I Remember when Railroad Avenue ran through town, by Don Terwilliger
I remember when the big storms hit Del Mar, by Henry Abarbanel
I Remember Del Mar in the 50s, by Chris Hillman
I Remember coming home, by Carlo Coppo
Childhood Memories
by Francesca Filanc
Del Mar Radio Show by San Diego City College and KSDS, Jazz 88.3.
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